1. Mikari
    04/19/2017 @ 2:12 pm

    I don’t mind the focus on tech and texting, it feels pretty natural, especially when there are others present and you want to have a conversation with a specific person without interrupting them. I have the same view on culture as many other things in life, don’t try, just let it happen. Whatever feels natural, that’s your culture, even if you’re different from the people around you. That’s an interesting story, though I do wonder why this specific one became famous when there are so many just like it. 🤣 There are some local legends I heard as well.


    • Adri
      04/19/2017 @ 4:00 pm

      Some of my friends from the Philippines were also wondering how on earth this story went viral in the first place. In fact, someone made a Twitter account named “Lucia Joaquin,” pretty much roleplaying as the Lucia in this story. I swear, a lot of Filipino (especially the youth) sure got a lot of time in their hands and a lot of their fellow Filipino tweeters and Facebookers play along with it. Yep, plenty of time.

      You know, I’m not much of a horror fan (more of a mystery/suspense fan), but I really do feel inspired to write again hahahaha. ;)
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