1. Mikari
    January 6, 2017 @ 8:03 pm

    I hope you find that job soon! A FFXV site would be awesome, I’d love to see it!


    • Adri
      January 6, 2017 @ 10:43 pm

      It would probably something on a lighter note. I mean, there’s so much ideas for sites that I could do for FFXV (aside from having discussions on the main story, etc. I leave that to the Wikis LOL).

      For example, I can open a blog in Ignis’ point of view in which he talks about his cooking and the dishes he comes up (very important part of the game. His dishes give you special abilities, like 100%x EXPs, HP boost, MP boost, protection from status ailments, etc.). Or, maybe it’d be like a partner blog in both Ignis’ and Noct’s points of view (Noct is a fishing expert, so Ignis’ powers through his dishes also depend on the type of fish Noct catches LOL). Or, better yet, a photo gallery site (the screenshots that the game (not me) captures out of random at every end of the day LOL) owned by Prompto the professional photographer. Or maybe a travel and survival journal from Gladio’s point of view (he’s the only one in the group who has been outside the magical walls of Insomnia (Lucis’ royal capital city)).

      But right now, all I could think about are fanfics. I don’t want to touch base on the main story again because that’s just too depressing, and I don’t normally do depressing stories. I want something really fun and light… like maybe another road trip? :D

      I mentioned before, I don’t know if Steam would have FFXV in the future. I’ve already got it on my brother’s PS4, so when the online multiplayer DLC does arrive in the near future, I’d end up playing with my other friends who have the game and PS4. You will never get bored of that game because you’ve got so many things to do aside from fighting/battling to save the day. That’s why I often describe myself as being “trapped in Eos,” because in a way, just being there makes you feel like you’re hanging out with the guys and the gorgeous graphics somehow can convince you that you live in that world with them. :D
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  2. Tamz
    January 6, 2017 @ 9:42 pm

    We have similar goals except thaat I am way behind. Hahaha. I intend to learn Rails, then RoR. I did get quite a taste of it, and the basics does not seem tht difficult as I used to take programming(Java and Pascal) many years ago, but the syntax is different. My focus at the moment is to catch up with HTML5 and CSS3 and then delve into Javascript, and PHP. I feel that learning these will help me understand the WordPress structure more.

    Good luck on your health goals. We’re also having this in our home with less fried and more baked meat/fish


    • Adri
      January 6, 2017 @ 10:50 pm

      Girl, you have to learn (basic) Ruby first in order to learn Rails (“Rails” is just the shorter version of Ruby on Rails/RoR) because you need to be more familiar with Ruby’s syntax and its built-in methods. Ruby is the programming language, (Ruby on) Rails is a framework that would make Ruby programming a lot easier. It’s like with Javascript and its endless number of frameworks (Angular, React, Meteor, etc.) and PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP, etc.). But because you already took basic programming, Ruby is pretty easy to learn. For me, just using its built-in features into my program is the difficult part, like I have to memorize everything to make things work.

      Health has been a rather touchy subject with the family right now, especially with my dad’s condition. All I could do was to work hard and pray that he may have a longer life.
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  3. Tamz
    January 7, 2017 @ 11:19 am

    I got it the otherway around, thanks for the correction. I knew it was one or the other! Haha.

    Let’s have a healthy 2017. My mom was diagnosed with early stage osteoperosis and had quite high cholesterol so we had to make changes in diet. It quite paid off since her bad cholesterol went down significantly. She’s now having more milk, too which sits well with me because I love milk. Luckily, I tolerate it and do not seem to suffer from lactose intolerance.


    • Adri
      January 7, 2017 @ 4:42 pm

      That’s good. Milk always does a body good, unless if you’re lactose intolerant.

      My father recently diagnosed with lung cancer late of last year, so now he wasn’t as active with the activities he loves to do than before because the effects of his medications are really slowing him down. He’s currently taking pills as it’s pretty mild (no chemo yet), but still. The only hope that he prayed for us family is to have a much healthier 2017, like you said.
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  4. Tamz
    January 8, 2017 @ 10:45 am

    Sorry to hear that about your father. Cancer can really come unexpectedly. My cousin who was only a year older than I am was diagnosed with lymphoma and he went under extensive chemo. One was even really high dose. Luckily for him, he was in the military and the VA wasnt really a hassle(even govt insurance can be hassle). He now has recovered except for some memory lapses brought about by side effects of chemo.

    I will pray for you and your dad’s health. Happy Sunday.


    • Adri
      January 8, 2017 @ 5:41 pm

      I had an old friend from middle school and high school who passed away two years ago due to some pneumonia complications. She was also a lymphoma patient, but just recently went in remission at that time. She didn’t even make it to 40.

      My dad only reacted with “well, that’s life,” when he learned of the diagnose. During the early 2010s, my mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go through a year of chemo. Thank God that she made it through and is now in remission. Back then, Dad and I were really helping her (I was unemployed at that time too). Today, Mom is returning the favor, but I’m not at home all the time (because of work). The only thing that Dad wanted me and my siblings to do from that on is to live life as normal. He doesn’t like being pitied on, because, like he said, that’s life.

      Thanks for the prayers and a happy Sunday to you too.
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