Welcome to The ADRICULOUS Life! This is a hodgepodge blog and personal site of mine that has gone through several years of changes. Its previous name was ADRIATASTIC, but after many years of blogging under that name through its own domain then downgraded to a subdomain, I felt that it was the right time to change back to a brand-new identity and independent from my portfolio domain.

I try to keep this blog focused towards the hodgepodge, where I talk about anything and everything out on a whim without involving my specific passions: digital/web designing and writing. For those, you can find them in my portfolio and my official writing site.

Blogging Style?

It’s a fact that every dedicated blogger around the interwebs has their own style of blogging. Because I babble too much on the sidelines and can’t seem to get directly to the point of the subject, I take advantage of using footnotes to write down my other sidenotes and/or mini-“asides” notes right at the bottom. You can find a list of them right at the bottom of each entry where it says ON THE SIDENOTE… with corresponding numbers, just like any other footnote you see in a typed research paper or a textbook.

Let me give you an example of what I mean below:

I’m currently single and not in a rush to fall in love or get married.1

Other than that, I’m just any other blogger just like any other blogger out there. Well, maybe.

You will not see anything about my personal problems, personal issues, or any other real-life drama that I may come across in my life. I have my (somewhat) therapeutic journal2 to rant out all of that. This blog isn’t about someone else’s real-life drama and then make up some fictional plot and make money out of.

Ain’t got no time for all that. 

What the heck does “adriculous” mean? (or rather, what the heck is it?)

Just like when I first renamed my blog Adriatastic, it’s another little wordplay that I made up based on my name that describes anything that relates to me. So basically, this entire blog isn’t just all about me, but more of expressing things, in general, that’s coming from my point of view. In addition, I have been using Adriculous as a username for many of my social media accounts (which includes Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), and I think it’s time for me to have a name change.

Aside from those small reasons, I find “adriculous” sound cooler than “adriatastic.”

Why did you transfer all of your old entries from the old “adriatastic” blog to the new one?

Simple. I still want to establish myself as being a blogger for over ten years now. Even though the entries from the old Adriatastic blog were fresh and new back in 2008, it was around that time that I finally learned how to transfer files from one site to the next without deleting any form of database. After all, at that time, PHP/mySQL was still new to me3 at that time.

The thing is, the only thing I still kept intact were the blog entries. All the other sections are no longer there. I plan to transfer a few of them to my writing site.

  1. But if I do, I’d love to have kids. This is a sample footnote, folks! []
  2. as in a small notebook with a pen… []
  3. and it’s still is new to me, I just happen to learn a few basics here and there []