Intro-lude Extended

adri_profpicintroludeHello and welcome to my new online abode. My name is Adrianne. I go by a variety of names from the family nickname to the online nickname, Adri. In real life, I have no tolerance with atrocious grammar and spelling, and this includes the spelling of my name.

I am a wanna-be of a lot of things: a wanna-be web developer/designer, a wanna-be writer/novelist, and a wanna-be (legit) digital artist and manga illustrator. It’s one of the main reasons why I’ve gotten myself addicted to oodles of online learning. Aside from all the online learning, I also love to do other things outside the interwebs, such as reading books and doing some random “traditional” Zentangle art on some sketchbook.1 I also have some obsession with food that I even take the time to visit some local restaurants and other hot spots and actually writing reviews about them.

As you can see from some of my posts that I often like using some random anime/manga illustration just gathered from all around the internet.2 I have been a self-proclaimed anime/manga otaku since childhood3 and an avid gamer of anything that combines anime and RPG. I love to play various MMORPGs4 both on the PC and on my phone. I also play on my old Nintendo DS Lite with games my siblings and I purchased but never played them or never finished playing them.5

Speaking of console gaming, with the new release of the PS46, I finally got myself to buying a used PS37 so I can take advantage of the cheap games and new ones still being released on this old system. I’m even enjoying watching Netflix at the comfort of my bedroom too with the PS3. During late 2016, my brother moved back home, which means that his PS4 comes home with him. I have been playing with his PS4 for over a month now8 and that I plan on moving my PS3 to his room because he’s got a working TV. The TV on my room no longer works anymore. If you happen to be on PSN9 and would love to play any multiplayer games with me, please add me on your friends list.

Aside from dabbling with my own blogging10, I also am a contributing writer to the following blog magazines: Blogcritics, and KabayanTech. I also write various fiction and fanfiction at the following: FanfictionNET, FictionPress, Wattpad, Figment, and recently, A3O. I am also an avid participant of NaNoWriMo when I can as well. I also plan to write (and hopefully make a little profit) my stories in small serials in sites such as Jukepop.

… and a FEW other things to know…

  • I am a devout Roman Catholic and I read the Bible11 constantly. My favorite books in the Bible are the Proverbs, Psalms, and the Songs of Solomon.
  • And just because I mentioned above, I consider myself a moderate conservative and a moderate liberal. I have no affiliations to any political party12 and am very partial to a lot of today’s current issues.
  • In regards to the second and third item, religion and politics are the two topics that I tend to avoid talking about with anyone. That includes family, friends, colleagues, or just strangers you just met on a whim. I do not impose my own political or religious beliefs to anyone, nor do I convince others to support this or that cause simply because I feel that it’s “the right way to a better life.” Rather, I speak of following your own instincts and beliefs and make the right choices for the betterment of your life.
  • In the U.S., I consider myself first and foremost a Filipino. Outside the U.S., I consider myself an American Californian.13 To make it short, I am an expat from the Philippines who had no choice but to move to the U.S. at age ten with her family and automatically gained American citizenship at age 15 when the parents became citizens.
  • I speak Tagalog and English fluently. I’m proficient in both Japanese and Spanish, but not enough for me to use them in a conversation.
  • I’m down with common sense and natural instincts. I have no tolerance towards people who talk crap without even proper backup to what they’re saying.
  • I have no tolerance in seeing bigotry, or any other type of prejudice, everywhere at any time. This also includes the social media when certain few friends (on Facebook) just post some political crap or anything similar without even realizing that they’ve got people in their friends/followers list who are affected by the stuff they’re saying/sharing/posting. I just choose to be silent about it.
  • Work-Life balance is very important to me. I can’t choose one over the other and I can’t do more of one than the other.
  • I am very close-knit to my immediate family, so don’t expect me ranting heavily about my parents or siblings or anything similar except for something very small and trivial. I’m weird like that.
  • I have mild OCD.14 There are many times where I just had the need to keep things perfect, such as a painting or a portrait tilted on a wall, or even keeping everything within the border (for instance, coloring an uncolored drawing) and anything similar. You can say that I am a perfectionist, but the reality is, no person is extremely perfect.
  • I am not a fanatic when it comes to makeup and cosmetics, but I am a fanatic when it comes to skincare. I have been following the Japanese/Korean15 routine for over 10+ years now. None of us are getting older, and as we do get old, we do start caring about our health, both inside and the outside.

This is my extended INTRO-LUDE section! 

  1. One day I will be opening a gallery of Zentangles though… if only I can get my scanner to work on my new computer… []
  2. I’m not claiming any of them to be mine obviously, unless if it was something created by ComiPo!, like the anime version of myself to your right… []
  3. watching those old ’70s super robot wars anime while growing up in the Philippines and then rediscovering it again in my Japanese language class back in college []
  4. At the moment, Aura Kingdom Blade & Soul. []
  5. I’m too cheap to buy a 3DS, sadly… []
  6. PlayStation 4 []
  7. PlayStation 3 []
  8. As of November 2016, I have been playing Final Fantasy XV. []
  9. PlayStation Network []
  10. and occasional haiku poetry writing… []
  11. that is… the Bible app on my phone… a lot more convenient while I’m on the go… []
  12. although the majority of the family members are registered Democrats… []
  13. First of all, learn the difference between the words “nationality” and “ethnicity.” []
  14. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder []
  15. they’re (almost) the same by the way… []