Terms of Use

Eventually, this short Terms of Use section will have some changes.

In general, the only thing that I ask of you is to not take (steal) any of my works displayed on this site, place it on your site (whether if your site is commercial or personal/non-commercial) and claim it as your own work. As long as you give me credit and a link to this site, I’m okay with it.

There are some limitations to the statement above though. Please read below and consider the following:

Prohibited (Without Permission)

  • Redistributing and/or copying any one of my written works. This means that you are prohibited from distributing, display, copy, or provide them to others or to other sites. Written works include my articles, opinions, reviews, blog entries, everything written on this site.
  • Redistributing and/or copying any one of my digital works. There are at times where I use outside sources to create my digital images and they are always given links to where I got the images I used. However, what is considered my digital works include my photos and my digital work.
  • Direct-linking. Sadly, not every webmaster/mistress have an ultra-powerful web server with ultra-massive bandwidth to afford all the direct-linking people have been making from this site. Please, don’t. If you see anything you’re allowed to use, such as a link button and all that, please download them to your own HDD and upload them on your own server or in your Photobucket account, ImageShack account, etc. etc.

OK to…

  • Quote ANY one of my written works as a source. You can quote any portion of my works into your site, providing that you also provide the link to this site: Otherwise, the best thing that you can stay original while crediting your source is to paraphrase any of the statements from the original source and then give the credit/link to the original source.
  • Make screenshots of this site as an example. Link to this site is also required, and of course, for source/example purposes only. I would gladly like it if you’re not using a screenshot of my site to bash at it just for the sake of bashing.
  • View the source code. For your learning and reference purposes, always feel free to view the source code of this site. But also, keep in mind that this is a WordPress-powered site and that this site is using a WordPress child theme. You will need the parent theme for the site to function.

I reserve the right to…

  • Edit, delete, or mark comments as spam for ANY reason. We can agree to disagree on some things, but personal attacks are not tolerated for any reason. You may have the right to bash or attack me directly and I have the right to silence you in this blog. Period.

There will be some instances in the future where I may be creating some “freebies” for everyone but now isn’t the time. There are still other things I need to finish and complete before I can be seriously completely satisfied. And for that, I thank you for your attention to this page. Stay tuned for these instances!

SOURCE: What is Copyright?