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  1. MyrtleGail
    July 24, 2012 @ 7:01 pm

    Hi Adri! I just want to say “Thank You”! I stumbled by your blog because of a friend who sent me the link to this page. XD I’m really thankful that you’ve been very kind and supportive of me. This has encouraged me to work a lot harder and be stronger. I pray that that you will always be blessed. I hope that you will always be a friend to me. Thank You So Much! God Bless You Always! Take Care! :3


    • Adri
      July 24, 2012 @ 7:45 pm

      Hello Myrtle-himesama! Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s an honor, coming from a fellow otaku overseas, not just from another fan. (^_^)

      The minute that you appeared on the day you entered Kuya’s house I knew you had something that none of the housemates had (no offense, of course) and, having friends who are mothers to teenage daughters, I felt that you are a true personification of what every mother would want in their daughters (I’m not a mother though, but I am an auntie to five teenage girls ^^;). I followed you all the way from the beginning, and your experiences pre-PBB also reminded me of my own experiences when I was your age and younger (I was also being bullied back in elementary when I used to live in the Philippines for who knows what reason, but all the bullying stopped when my family and I moved here in the States). Even with your flaws being shown on the air, I always believed that you will have the last laugh in the end. (^_^)

      My small group of friends and I are building something in your honor. It may not be much, but watch out for it. (^_^) Let the blessings continue and I hope that we do keep in touch! (^_^)


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