Fun Stuff

There are at times where I wanted to post something that’s not exactly your usual blog post. This is where the Fun Stuff goes!

I try to diversify my contents in the blog to keep it a lot more entertaining,1 and I have tried different ways of doing just that. I started off with writing some simple haiku2 to even posting things at random that you would normally see on Tumblr blogs.3

Lately, I discovered a lot of awesome programs that would help me enhance my blog and contents even more. While a lot of female-owned personal blogs contain something extra, like tutorials and freebies, I wanted to offer something that would entertain you, the visitor.  Take a look at what I’ve got and I do hope you stick around for more as I post a lot more in the near future. 

Just click on each banner and then you’ll be on your way.

haiku_bannerThis is where I post up my occasional amateur poetry skills in 17 syllables, otherwise known as haiku. I say occasional because inspiration and ideas for a short and simple haiku poetry can only come and go on a whim. It’s like how I am with blogging topics in general, as well as writing some literary pieces and fiction. There are a few haiku poetry that pertain to nature or something symbolizing the nature and then there are those that relate to modern, everyday life, from life in general to pop culture.

In general, I do love poetry. I often sneak at my sister’s room4 just to borrow her poetry anthology books and simply read and interpret. The sad thing about me and poetry is that I am not confident enough to write my own poetry. Another sad thing about me and poetry is that I love songs and I also love listening to old school hip-hop. Singing lyrics and rapping in general are all related to poetry. In terms of poetry, haiku became the only type of poetry that I feel a lot more comfortable with.5

Oh, and obviously, that’s me sitting by a river… admiring nature. 


abad_bannerHere, we’ve got a brand-new addition to my blog: a colored6 manga-style webcomic that I recently started a few days ago. I decided to put this underneath the So Dang ADRICULOUS! mother category because it is an original creation. I finally was able to buy ComiPo! manga creator program in which I can finally create my own manga-style comics without any type of hardcore drawing skills.7

While I slowly begin to learn how to master this program, I also conjunct Photoshop to do some more additional custom graphics and enhancing edits that isn’t doable with ComiPo. For instance, I made these banners on one comic page using ComiPo and simply separated them in to different banners using Photoshop.

This new webcomic is just like my intent with Haiku & Pseudo-Haiku – it’s still blogging manga-style. Sort of. And yes, as the banner says, you can’t get anymore SWAG than this. 


hellabay_banner[COMING SOON!] Originally, I thought that I would just stick to only one webcomic series for this blog, however, there are a lot of times where I really can’t help myself but to praise and love my home: the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up here, I have discovered that this area rocks at everything, and I’m not just talking about from a nerdette standpoint.8

This new upcoming series, HELLA BAY!! is just another webcomic about me showing off a few things or more about the places, the sites, the sounds, and the flavors of the San Francisco Bay. The entire world, I’m sure of, are now familiar of the Bay Area because of San Francisco, the academia powers of UC Berkeley and Stanford,9 and Silicon Valley. This webcomic series will show you things and places that are hella bay that are also unrelated to what I just mentioned before.

Stay tuned for this series. I’ll be having fun making it with hopes that you will be having fun reading them too. 


  1. and of course, to have you, the visitor, to keep coming back for more! []
  2. Haiku poetry is predominantly nature-based. Those that aren’t are called pseudo-haiku  []
  3. Although my Tumblr is basically automatically generated from whatever I post here in my blog. WordPress is just that awesome! []
  4. well she no longer lives with us because she’s married and have her own place with him… []
  5. The English kind of haiku… my Japanese fluency isn’t exactly close to fluent in itself. []
  6. and if I feel like it, in standard monochrome too… []
  7. Still though, it would be nice that I get to create my own custom stuff, since I can’t really live on using this program using the default assets… []
  8. Silicon Valley – the area south of the San Francisco Bay []
  9. two of the world’s top universities are just a bridge away from each other… the former in Berkeley, the latter in a small university town called Stanford, just next to Palo Alto. []