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  1. Irini
    August 14, 2009 @ 7:20 am

    oh god… you really make me miss being a fan in the good ol days ;P These days I’m just ‘there’ y’know, prefer not to involve much with whatever forum out there [be it JE related or not, but mostly JE related]


    • Adrimarie
      August 14, 2009 @ 10:29 am

      Yeah, I decided to “back off” from forums temporarily because of… well, you know. :P

      That’s why, I am a “(Male J-)idol fandom trends” commentator now. I poke fun at the trends and some of the crazy stuff fan girls say and do. I’m not picking on a particular person, but heck’s for sure it’s fun writing about them. And we all gotta admit that we were like them at one point in the past, so we can’t really say that we’re any better. LOL

      On the other hand, we’re still pioneers, especially (and more specifically) with Arashi fandom. :D


  2. Yuna
    August 19, 2009 @ 6:08 pm

    No doubt those were the days :P It was sort of crazy thinking about it now but at the same time it was really fun XD;; I think most of us stay away from forums now..we’re all very low profile these days and just talk amongst ourselves.


    • Adrimarie
      August 19, 2009 @ 11:28 pm

      Yeah. I think I may end up going on the “down low” with this fandom too because there’s just no way you’d get any new friends when they all ignore you. I feel like a newbie all over again just by joining all these Arashi forums in all honesty. Never mind that I restored my global mod position at Arashian, but that forum is still inactive even when it’s reopened after a year hiatus.

      Maybe I’m just hoping too much that there would be some of the things that would remain the same. But with some forums and their rules, I just find them ridiculous, unfair, and somewhat elitist. I’m heading back to my old open source world and join you guys. Maybe we can have a private group blog or something using WordPress and what not LOL. Then we’d be more elitist than the forums LOL.

      DT convinced me to renew amnosNET, but I still don’t have an overall idea on what I’m going to open in there. I mean, most of the stuff that brought that domain to its “glory” is gone and I can only salvage very few. I don’t know what to do anymore LOL.

      Ah well. I guess we don’t belong in the “fandom” anymore, don’t you think? Actually, I’m thinking of writing another entry… a review entry this time, except it won’t be a J-drama that I’m reviewing.


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