1. Jessica
    April 26, 2015 @ 9:12 pm

    So glad to hear that you’re mobile-friendly! I think that all of the things – making a site mobile-friendly, viewable on different browsers, etc. – is one of the main reasons that I’m scared to death of making/creating my own WordPress theme. However, I think it was kind of *excuse the language* shitty of Google to suddenly announce that all sites shown on their page must be mobile-friendly. Although a part of me does kind of understand the reasoning behind it, so many of us are accessing websites via a mobile phone or a tablet and it is so difficult to view certain sites. :( I’ve even found sites that…let’s just say, need a serious makeover.

    On a completely unrelated to the post note – I love your emoticons and your Adri image in your Intro-LUDE is adorable! :D


    • Adri
      April 27, 2015 @ 1:56 am

      Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by! I just recently graduated from my WordPress blueprint program and one of the biggest methods that you can do to make custom WordPress themes, especially if you’re building a site for someone else (mainly paid clients), is to use a child theme built from a premade theme. Just grab a really nice premade theme that has responsive design included in the features, create a child theme, and then use your styling power and add your own functions (if needed) in separate style.css file and functions.php file. You can find tutorials on how to make child themes from the WordPress codex and other sites.

      That’s why you see a lot of ads of WordPress theme frameworks like Genesis Framework all around web development sites because they’re primarily made for child theme building. I recommend using Underscores because it’s a complete, blank boilerplate theme that’s already built with all the necessary files. All you need with that is to add all your custom styling, plugins, custom functions, etc. and you’re good to go. Underscores also isn’t made to create a child theme out of it. You just “attack” their style.css and functions.php and other core files that you can tweak with and you’re good to go. And also, it’s for free.

      In general, in order to make your site mobile-friendly, you just need to find a tutorial for responsive web design. It’s a new CSS feature called media queries that does the trick. https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/01.gif

      I’m using a premium theme called Sixteen Plus, but I made a child theme from out of it, so many of the images used (like the header/hero image) are mine.

      I used to have a real photo of myself in my Intro-LUDE section, but ever since I got the ComiPo! manga program, I decided to get a lot more creative with it. I plan to use the same images for my (still under construction) portfolio site as well. https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/01.gif


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