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Now page

Welcome to my NOW page. I randomly found this “now” page thing on my personal Twitter not too long ago in the web dev/tech community that inspired me to make my own NOW section of my blog. Although many of them have opened a NOW page in their profile pages and tech blogs, there are others who added them in their personal blogs. I found the site that showcases everyone’s NOW page and I got a grasp of how a NOW page should look like, or rather, examples of what a NOW page should be like.

There is also a NOW page service (make it two) for those who don’t have a website but would like to have a NOW page anyway.

This blog is strictly a personal one, but since it’s converted to an art diary, it wouldn’t be a daily blogging thing. I have to make the art before I can actually make another post. That would take awhile because I need to figure out how to draw what I want to write. The NOW page would help me accomplish providing my life (?) updates on a bujo1 style life updates page without writing lengthy blog posts.

Since this site is run by WordPress and is connected to via Jetpack, I can do my NOW updates through my phone instead of waiting to go home and log in through my laptop or even my iPad/tablet.

(All dates are in PST/PDT (Pacific Standard Time/Pacific Daylight Time))

Art & Writing (IG): 2/2022

  • Still continuing on Drawing in a Diary class in Class 101.

Code: 2/2022

  • I am now a student at Flatiron School in the Software Development Bootcamp through my employer’s career advancement program
  • Starting to understand more about the Hugo static site generator
  • Purchased a Duex Plus portable second monitor for my laptop as preparation for the bootcamp
  • I gave myself a head start in basic Javascript and basic Ruby prior to the bootcamp

Fandom: 2/2022

  • Because of my new full-time job, I’m currently on hiatus/taking a break from any fandom whatsoever. I peek in here and there sometimes to check out the news about my favorite J-Pop groups, as well as watching videos about Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • Eep! I started watching these cute gacha videos on Youtube… well, the thoroughly-crafted stories that is. There’s a lot of random/nonsense story plots out there…

Random Life?: 2/2022

  • Started reorganizing my closet again. I purchased new hangers and space-saving hangers for all of my tops and dresses. I also purchased some closet cubbies for my leggings and other bottoms too.

Hella Random Throwback: 7/14/2021

Adri and Quest Crew
Quest Crew at the UC 50th Anniversary VIP Reception (c. September 2009)

On the sidenote . . .

  1. bullet journal