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Welcome to my NOW page. I randomly found this “now” page thing on my personal Twitter not too long ago in the web dev/tech community that inspired me to make my own NOW section of my blog. Although many of them have opened a NOW page in their profile pages and tech blogs, there are others who added them in their personal blogs. I found the site that showcases everyone’s NOW page and I got a grasp of how a NOW page should look like, or rather, examples of what a NOW page should be like.

There is also a NOW page service (make it two) for those who don’t have a website but would like to have a NOW page anyway.

This blog is strictly a personal one, but since it’s converted to an art diary, it wouldn’t be a daily blogging thing. I have to make the art before I can actually make another post. That would take awhile because I need to figure out how to draw what I want to write. The NOW page would help me accomplish providing my life (?) updates on a bujo1 style life updates page without writing lengthy blog posts.

Since this site is run by WordPress and is connected to via Jetpack, I can do my NOW updates through my phone instead of waiting to go home and log in through my laptop or even my iPad/tablet.

(All dates are in PST/PDT (Pacific Standard Time/Pacific Daylight Time))

Art & Writing (IG): 7/31/2021

  • Checked back with Domestika and making plans to start art courses I pre-purchased over there too.
  • Canceled some pre-purchased CLASS 101 courses (including the watercolor making course I recently signed up) to balance up my personal budget. I overindulged with the courses, I’m afraid.
  • Currently taking: Drawing in a Diary: A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Drawing (CLASS 101)
  • Started taking: Learn the Rules of Digital Learning and Break Them (CLASS 101)

Code: 7/31/2021

  • Looking around other devs’ portfolios for inspiration to redo my messy-looking one😭
  • Went back to my alma mater online coding school, Skillcrush, to take advantage of their bonus projects for practice.
  • I re-discovered the importance of the !important CSS property again and finally fixed the changes I wanted applied that didn’t work from the Customizer.
  • Learning WordPress Theme Development (again) with Timber and Twig (Bootstrap, TailwindCSS)
  • I discovered that there were more workarounds that I needed to do to install TailwindCSS so that I would be able to proceed

Fandom: 7/31/2021

  • Today is OWV‘s first one-man live2 that will begin with their talk session at around 11pm PDT (around 3pm JST). Thank goodness that global fans can get to watch as it will be livestreamed (with archives to follow for the next three days). So excited!!
  • Taking a break from J-Pop fandom because of the Tokyo Olympics since 7/3/21. The ridiculous fanwar dramas on Twitter are really taking a toll on my (usually stable) mental health.

Random Life?: 7/31/2021

  • Visited my dad since June (his birthday). Mom and I seem to be visiting the cemetery at the wrong days at the wrong times because when we do, there’s always a party going on with one of Dad’s neighbors. What I mean by party as in they set up awning tents, putting up portable tables and chairs, BBQ grills, loud music, loud chatter, everything! Luckily, we’re outside and it’s safe (?) to not wear any masks.
  • Elnea Kingdom (mobile game) is still addictive.

Hella Random Throwback: 7/14/2021

Adri and Quest Crew
Quest Crew at the UC 50th Anniversary VIP Reception (c. September 2009)

On the sidenote . . .

  1. bullet journal
  2. First, as in performing with a (limited) live audience.