1. Megan
    March 22, 2020 @ 3:40 pm

    My mom does our taxes.

    The virus thing is really scary. We only have essesital stuff open too. Sadly as I work in food, I still have to go. Much rather hide in my house right now.

    You keep safe!


    • Adri
      April 5, 2020 @ 7:05 am

      How have you been? Sorry for the late reply. Did you still have to work during this time? Still, take care of yourself. Stay safe. At least you still have a job when there are millions who have lost theirs because of the pandemic.

      I’ve been staying at home with my mom as always, keeping myself busy taking online courses/bootcamping, also started taking online art classes too. Once or twice a week, my bro would come visit w/ my nephew. It’s not too bad.
      Adri recently posted Pandemic @ Home on her blog!My Profile


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