1. Jamie
    March 17, 2017 @ 7:46 pm

    Honestly, I have to agree with what you’ve stated here. I have noticed that some bloggers tend to be repetitive in their posts. It’s gotten so repetitive that I just don’t want to comment nor read their blogs anymore. What’s the point when they’re just seeking attention post after post? It just feels as if our advice goes in one monitor and out the next monitor (you know that old saying “It just goes in one ear and out the other ear?”

    I, sometimes find myself wanting to give advice to certain people, and I have but to have lost friends because of it. The only reason why this happens is because those people will think you’re trying to attack them, and even if you mean well, they will still think you’re trying to attack them because you simply cannot convey a tone through text, however, some will beg to differ on that opinion. So, I just keep silent.


    • Adri
      March 17, 2017 @ 8:29 pm

      It saddens me that some would just rant and bitch in social media about a number of us “not being true friends” because we stay silent for their troubles, but they need to put themselves in their shoes first and analyze the situation. We all have our own troubles, and many of us do care about privacy and security for ourselves and our loved ones. If they don’t go on and on with writing their entire life biography to the world via blogs/social media, there will be huge chances that others who end up reading them will get ideas (regardless if they’re right or wrong).

      How can someone answer to that concerned person with something like “I didn’t ask for your opinion, you don’t know what’s going on with my life, what I do and what I write here is none of your business,” etc. etc. when that said person broadcasted everything in public before that concerned commenter said something about it? Were they writing some autobiographical short fiction/prose then for them to respond that way?

      Now, if we all think about it, who’s being a real friend here?

      That’s why, discretion is important, because, like the real world out there, the internet isn’t exactly safe. There are a lot of trolls and unfriendly people hanging around here who can do a lot of damage, simply because they’re bored or they want to be entertained. You as a blogger don’t want to be some kind of an entertainment the wrong way.

      But, I guess, I can’t really speak for everyone. They want to do something like that for them to be easily targeted. What does that tell you? Another thing that bothers me is when these said people would say something like “I don’t care what you think, I’m just gonna keep on writing/talking about the same stuff over and over again…” are hypocrites. If they react to comments that may not be friendly or negative towards what they wrote, that means, they actually do care what they say.

      I’m being blunt right now, but the reality is, the truth isn’t always friendly.
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  2. Mikari
    March 17, 2017 @ 9:07 pm

    This is a pet peeve of mine, not just in blogs though, but in general. If I give well intended advise and people still want pity, I walk away. That’s not to say they must do what I suggest, rather, I’m willing to try to help, take it or leave it, I’ll respect the choice, but I’m not willing to pity.


    • Adri
      March 18, 2017 @ 12:23 am

      Same, actually. I feel pity on the most crucial situations, like natural disasters or poverty or wars or diseases, but to say the same things over and over and over again, regardless of how much they were being consoled or given advice, it’s like, they’re not even trying to make themselves better. Like Jamie said, our words go in one ear and out in the other ear.

      Like you said, if words and concerns won’t go through, then they need to make themselves better by themselves. Even seeking help from strangers would be fine. But the pitying and the whole “woe is me” attitude every single day needs to stop.

      As the saying goes, silence is golden.
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  3. Tammy
    March 18, 2017 @ 12:35 am

    I never really got the “What I write here is not of your business” on public blogs, especially if they “blog hop”. I mean, no one stole your journal and read them but rather it was posted by you on the internet and let other bloggers know of the existence of your blog. There’s a thing called paper journals and most publishing platforms do have “private entries”.

    Posting an opinion in the internet is one thing. Posting angry rants after angry rants is a whole different thing. Not everyone wants to read your dirty laundry.

    The internet is a very cruel place. With phones having camera now, we even have to be careful of how we act in public places…coz you don’t know when a picture/video of you and/or what you post in the internet will go viral.
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    • Adri
      March 19, 2017 @ 1:56 am

      Yup, definitely. I still keep a private journal, although it’s in a journal app on my Kindle now and use my bluetooth keyboard to write my thoughts.

      I was told that there are some who are pissed at me for writing this, thinking they’re the ones being targeted. Not so surprising, because this tells me (and I know this is very blunt) that they’re admitting unintentionally that I may be speaking the truth about them. Now, if they want to prove me wrong, they need to contact me about it or just simply comment on the entry. It’s obvious that this is a general entry, because there are plenty of bloggers and those who often hang out on social media who always do this in public.

      I remember a meme I shared on my Facebook wall before that someone who has done something good has been overshadowed by someone who shows rowdy attitudes and then being the one who gets all the attention. It’s horrible that the latter was rude to her parents, rude to the public, and yet she’s the one getting attention by the media and even the general netizen. I don’t see how this is considered “attention-worthy” compared to the former’s selfless actions of being charitable to his community, you know?

      All I’m asking is to be discrete and be careful with the choice of topics and the words you use when you write about these said topics. I never said anything about “don’t do this, don’t do that.” Not only that it’s good for the readers, but also for the good of the bloggers themselves also.

      But if they want attention and would rather be repetitive like this, no one’s stopping them.
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  4. Maroon Caludin
    March 20, 2017 @ 1:06 pm

    I do get what you mean. Sometimes some people just go on and on about the same thing. Sometimes you need to post other stuff. And honestly just be aware of what you’re posting.

    Sometimes you need to vent and stuff, but you can still do it in a way that doesn’t offend people.

    I honestly would probably do the same as far as not saying anything. I don’t like to offend people so I just keep my thoughts to myself.
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    • Adri
      March 21, 2017 @ 12:54 am

      Even though we’re in the worst of moods that we end up writing something that may shock or offend others, if it gets repetitive, and then specific people are mentioned, then that’s just crossing the line between respect, privacy, and the intent to gain attention.

      I vent a lot. We all do, when we’re in the foulest of our moods, but most of the time, I would vent out to friends in private, because I know they don’t mind putting up with me (and that they know this is just temporary). When it crosses the line, I end up writing about the subject in public without being too specific such as names and certain individuals involved (like this one, for example). This is a common issue, and seriously, if these bloggers want attention, they can attract attention in a more positive, non-offensive way.
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