The Noobie Global Axcel’s Guide to Pococha Live

Pococha… what?

If you happen to stumble across this page, then I will assume one thing about you: You are an Axcel.1

Welcome to my (eventually updating) guide and tutorial to this rather mysterious mobile app that some of you may be wondering why you need to have this app as an Axcel. For any Axcel, this app is essential, but that all depends on the type of fan you want to be. This is a guide to a live streaming app called Pococha Live. As of 6/2018, the members switched live stream platforms from 17 to this relatively new one. The reasons why will remain unknown, but we do know that it’s not the members’ decision2 for this sudden switch.

If you are a brand-new Axcel who’s never used a single live streaming mobile app before, you’ve come to the right place. If you are a 17 regular and have known the MADKID members for quite some time,3 Pococha would be considered the “lighter” version of 17. It has the same basic features as 17, but without the extras, like a streamer’s guardian title, a streamer’s ARMY, etc.

And so, welcome to my little Pococha Live tutorial! 😊

Why do you have this tutorial in the first place?

When we received word that MADKID members will be switching live stream app platforms, a few of us take a look on this new Pococha app. There are two problems that we’ve encountered that made many of us worry:

  1. Pococha Live is not available globally, meaning it will not be available for download in the App Store or Google Play based on your home country. It’s only available in Japan.
  2. Because Pococha is only available to Japanese users, everything is in Japanese. Don’t expect an English version of the app. Not yet as of this writing anyway.

After two weeks of figuring out the possible ways of installing Pococha in our mobile devices without corrupting our devices’ default internal systems, we finally figured out an easy way to accomplish this as a non-Japan resident user, starting with Android. From there, we figured out a pattern on how we would normally install and operate third-party apps without any form of “cracking” (for iOS devices, the term is jailbreaking), and like any logical engineer, we went through trial and error.

Before you start downloading and installing Pococha, you have one little requirement: You must have a Twitter account! Many Japanese mobile users have Twitter as their #1 social media platform, therefore it’s only normal that Pococha will only require a Twitter account to log in.4 If you don’t have a Twitter account, sign up for an account right now.

Got your Twitter ready to go? Let’s get Pococha installed in your device!


Getting the Android version of Pococha is rather easy. If you’re familiar with the Android system, you can install 3rd party apps by obtaining the .apk executable file of the app. You also want to be sure that your device is set to allow files from unknown sources in order to make this work: Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

  1. Click on this URL (APK Pure) and download the .apk file. Make sure you download it on the location in which you can easily find it. Usually, it will be in the Downloads folder in your File Manager.
  2. You’ll see a file with the size of 36.10 MB or something close to that file size with a file name that says Unconfirmed... in the beginning. Double-click on the file.
  3. The file will install as normal and you will get the icon that looks like the logo up above. Double-click on it and you should see the title screen. You will see a black button below that has the word Twitter on it. Click on that button to log in.

    Pococha Login iPad
    (This is actually the iPad version but it’s still the same w/ the Android version)
  4. Pococha will ask you for a confirmation to let Pococha access your Twitter account (just like any app would do if it asks or requires your Twitter in it).

    (Again, iPad version, but all the same…)
  5. Once you log in, you will see the screen below.
    Pococha Android version

A few sidenotes regarding this version…

  • The link provided came from the APK Pure site and if we were to update the app, we would have to do it manually. It’s probably better to download the APK Pure client in your device to do the regular updates, however, for now, this will do.
  • This Android version (or rather maybe it’s just my cheap HTC phone) does not have the Stream/Media button found anywhere. Therefore, if you plan on live streaming using this app on your Android device and you see the screenshot above, you won’t be able to. This could possibly be that I may be using an outdated version of the app, but it’s not like I plan to live stream anyway. 😅
  • There is no Search field in order to search for streamers. However, you’ll have to rely on the Notifications to see any one of your Twitter followers/friends follow you. Then check their profiles and their “Follow” list to find your desired streamers.
  • This will not work on Amazon Kindle devices, as Pococha requires Google Play (regardless of the country) in order to work properly. Unfortunately, Kindle OS doesn’t support Google Play.

I still need to explore, so this section will eventually be updated when I find more features to be noted.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Pococha will not work on a Mac, as it has its own separate operating system (Mac OS). Better to just use your iPhone or your iPad. Luckily, I recently got a cheap-ish old refurbished iPad that works wonders like new. Unlike the Android OS, iOS is very much Apple-proprietary, meaning they’re not open source and they have plenty of restrictions within the apps they accept on the App Store, as well as restrictions on the regional standards of all apps as well. Apple keeps their iOS system very well-guarded. Fortunately, there is a workaround without screwing up your entire system (known as “jailbreaking”) that is guaranteed safe, but not exactly perfect.

The steps will involve logging off of your iTunes on your iPhone/iPad and switch to the Japanese App Store and create a brand-new Apple ID for that particular store. There are other different ways to install Pococha, but this one is the safest way.

  1. Follow the instructions here (VPN Date) to obtain a Japanese Apple ID.
  2. Download and install Pococha from the Japanese App Store like you would do with a standard iOS app.
  3. Like above (Android), you will see the login page and require you to use your Twitter account to log in and also confirm your Twitter account.
  4. After you log in, you’ll see a similar interface with a few little differences.

    Pococha iPad
    (You can stream by using that teal button in the middle…)

A few sidenotes regarding this version…

  • After checking in with a friend (who owns an iPhone), it seems that you can only stream on an iOS device. But you’re not the one streaming, you’re the one watching and commenting a streamer, right? So, no need to bother with that button. Still, I wish Pococha would be more consistent with both versions of their app.
  • You have to keep your iOS device on the Japanese Apple ID in order to gain automatic updates.
  • If you plan on contributing gift points to your streamer, you won’t be able to purchase gift points because you don’t have a Japanese credit card recorded in your Japanese Apple ID profile. However, Pococha does give you a few free points when you log in daily, so you can use those to give a little to your streamer when you can. 😊

Like the Android version, I still need to explore the iOS version, though I think everything will remain the same.

Profile Setup

When you log in to Pococha for the first time, all of your Twitter info will be automatically populated in your new Pococha profile. Luckily, you get to edit your profile if you prefer a swanky one instead of that two-bit one you had on your Twitter. 😁

Once again, I’m using screenshots from my iPad here, only because they’re easier to take screenshots and my cheap Android phone sucks at screenshots. 😪 Awrighty, here we go.

  1. Click on your Profile button at the bottom. It’s the one with your profile pic on it. You’ll see this page:
    Pococha iPad Profile 1
    The bottom part of the profile (Yes, I have a long profile…):
  2. You see that top gear icon? That’s the Settings and others. Go click on it.
  3. You’ll see the following options. I placed translations on them, Click on the first item on the screenshot above. You’ll see the page below. Edit as much as you want.

    Don’t forget to press the Save link at the upper right corner. 😊

The Streaming Session

At long last, you are now ready to join in a live stream, especially with your favorite MADKID member. I’ll be mentioning about the members at a later time. 😄

Before you enter someone’s streaming session, some of the streamers would prompt you to follow them first before you enter. Some streamers would leave their streaming open and just join in.

During my first time using Pococha, my second favorite member, KAZUKI, was the one online. I had to follow him first before I had to enter. Once after I follow him, I’m already in the streaming sessions, ready to go and say hi.

Unlike with 17 (for those who have been on 17 with the guys before), Pococha will alert the streamer that you have just entered the stream. I think this is a good feature because the auto-notification of your entry will quickly alert the streamer before you could even comment. I had to re-introduce myself to Kazuki because he was used to seeing my username on 17, and I showed up with my real name because of my Twitter account. That’s why sometimes, it’s a good thing to edit your Pococha profile when you can so that it doesn’t confuse the streamer of your identity.

Alrighty, here’s a screenshot of Kazuki along with some quick translations and captions on what each icon stands for. Because we’re still figuring out how to install Pococha on the iOS then, I’m using my cheap Android phone for this one:

Kazuki on Pococha Live

  • Share – Share his stream on Twitter (where MADKID members and most of the Japanese and global MADKID fans are active). Just Twitter.
  • Fan Rankings – Like with 17, this will take you to the list of fans and commenters who have contributed the most gift points to the streamer, categorized by today, this month, and overall. More on the gift points later.
  • Write Comment – This is where you write your comments to the streamer.
  • Like – Just like with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, there’s always a Like icon. Pretty straightforward.
  • Gift – This is where you can contribute some gift points to the streamer, represented by cute icons and are priced a certain number of gift points. When the streamer receives gift points/icons, it generates revenue for the streamer. The bigger the gift may be (based on a number of gift points needed to exchange), the bigger the revenue generates. When you do give gift points, you are added to the streamer’s Fan Rankings list, which means, more recognition by the streamer and everyone else in your session.The Gift Contributors Ranking above will show the profile pics of the commenters who contributed gifts for that session. I’m at 2nd place for today’s streaming session.You can get gift points by doing the following:
    • Log in Pococha daily! You get some free gift points from Pococha just by logging in daily.
    • Purchase gift points! You can purchase gift points at cheap prices in bundles. However, in the case of the poor overseas fan, only Android users are able to purchase gift points.


If you have Pococha installed in more than one device, you must only log in your Twitter account in only one of those devices. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get automatic notifications from the streamers you follow when they do come online. I had to learn this the hard way when I was logged in Pococha on my iPad when I wanted to use my cheap Android phone to communicate.


There’s still more to learn about Pococha but I think I’ve covered the essentials. If you need any help with anything, feel free to contact me. (Twitter: @adriculous)

However, don’t just stop here and don’t ignore the previous 17 app. Please read the next part!

In the meantime, enjoy your time at the streams, Axcels~! 🏎💨💨💨


17 for All Axcels

On the sidenote...

  1. Self-proclaimed MADKID fan… regardless of how new, casual, low key, or hardcore you may be… []
  2. most likely it’s the agency/management who’s behind this… []
  3. well, three of them at least… []
  4. It’s a lot easier and faster anyway… []