1. Susanne
    January 24, 2016 @ 9:40 am

    My goodness, I haven’t even heard of those misspellings you mentions! But what annoys me more than ANYTHING (other than troll behaviour) is the bad grammar thing. How is it even possible that people who have English as their native language write things like “could of” and can’t see the difference between they’re. there and their?? And the apostrophes… my goodness. I’ve been wondering if people are worse at grammar these days or if we just didn’t see their writings in the past when there was no social media.

    By the way, how do you manage to have two different Facebook accounts without having them related to each other? Facebook tends to post anything on the feed and “friend suggestions” out of friends you have and whatnot.. I tried to have a “secret” account earlier but it seemed impossible because people showed up with friend requests anyway. It seems impossible to make your profile secret when you can’t use nicknames. Or do you just have some random name there that is totally unrelated to your real name, location, etc? I’d love to have a profile for just a small circle of friends but Facebook just isn’t built for that…


    • Adri
      January 26, 2016 @ 1:39 pm

      Hi Susanne! Thanks for stopping by!

      I set some privacy settings on my friends-only account some years ago and never touched it. I even tried searching for that account using my mom’s Facebook account (since I’m the one who created her account) and she can only see my family/RL friends account. I use my entire name (including the middle name and the mother’s maiden initial) for the family account, and I use my first and last name on my friends-only account. On the other hand, the family does understand why I have two accounts in the first place LOL. I use Uber Social app on my phone and on my Kindle to manage between my two Facebook accounts (along with my Twitter too) and Hootsuite on my desktop and laptop.

      In terms of the whole bad grammar issue (their vs. they’re vs. there, your vs. you’re, etc.), I think that this period is spoiling us way too much with the latest technology and anything related that the younger generation nowadays are getting a lot more lazy, especially with just writing in general. I already know a few schools here no longer teach cursive/signature writing. It has become a “dying” art. Also, the word “could’ve” is actually a combination of two words “could have,” so technically “could of” is still wrong. I know this because I rely on the spelling of the contraction. The “‘ve” obviously doesn’t equate to “of,” and I do know that “could of,” “would of,” “should of,” “might of,” don’t exist. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

      You see a lot of “teh” and “bae” (especially “bae”) on a lot of social media memes, especially on Facebook. Even some of my friends are already referring to their significant others as “bae.” It’s just makes them look like uneducated morons in my opinion. (yes, that’s harsh, but I’m sorry, it’s true LOL)


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