1. Michelle
    11/21/2017 @ 6:53 am

    Oh, happy belated birthday! I bet you can’t wait for that trip, huh? I wish I was a traveling person but alas, I’m too much of a homebody lol

    I’m glad that you’re blogging again and I love your photographs! I love taking pictures too!


    • Adri
      11/21/2017 @ 11:39 pm

      Thanks for stopping by, although the photos are from Pixabay lol.

      And yes, one month later. Still, thanks for visiting.


  2. Jamie
    12/02/2017 @ 1:53 am

    Dearest Adri,

    Hello, and how are you? I’m doing alright. I just wanted to apologize to you after months of trying to reach you and getting in contact with you via phone, Facebook, and others. I wanted to apologize for what happened months ago with the whole health and beauty blog bit thing. I guess there was some misunderstanding on both of our behalf. You see, when I opened hydro-monster.net and you’ve noticed that I didn’t credit you and there wasn’t any content, and you made a post out of frustration due to that and we basically ended our friendship, that hurt. In fact, it hurt a lot because there was no intentions of my ever opening hydro-monster.net to the public before you, yet you just jumped to the conclusion that because it was available that it meant it was available and ready to begin whatever before yours had even begun to be open. You misread and misinterpreted what was going on. You see, I always work on my themes online so that I can see the changes being made and what not, and I don’t necessarily care who sees it and who doesn’t see it. The reason why the health and beauty blog at hydro-monster.net had no content was simply due to the fact that I was STILL WORKING on the content. Yet, you jumped the gun and assumed that I had opened my blog up to the public and became hurt at that fact and at the fact that you weren’t credited for it. You never gave me time to simply do so. And I understand that by you seeing my health blog up before yours were must have hurt you really bad, and I have tried to apologize to you for days after that, but you’ve blocked me almost everywhere I can think of to try and get in touch with you. Not only that, but I have tried to get Moni and others to contact you for me, but all I get is that you’re busy at the moment and that was it. It really hurt that you underestimated what my plans were and just ended our friendship over a stupid misunderstanding that was done on mostly your behalf.

    Anyways, after I had calmed down from our fight and realized what happened and put myself into your shoes, I immediately changed plans and made hydro-monster into a collective instead. In fact, after awhile, that collective turned sour and was disregarded entirely. Mind you, the domain is no more. That domain left a sour taste in my mouth because it costed me my friendship with someone that I had admired and cared about. Adri, we were really good friends (at least I think we were?) until that day and fight happened. Things were done and said, and honestly, I wish I could take them back and hope that you could realize that I wasn’t trying to steal your thunder or anything like that. I just simply have this weird quirk of working on my themes online and seeing them live even if no content is available just yet. I’m extremely sorry for anything that was misinterpreted, said, and was done to end our friendship.

    I really regret ever having opened that website up in the first place. It costed my friendship with you. You stood by when others did not, and then turned all because of a stupid website and the things that were said between us. Honestly, I hope you can give me another chance? If you can find it in your heart to forgive me for taking away your thunder without intentionally trying to take away your thunder, I would love for us to be friends again. If not, then I completely understand. But I am trying to better myself, and do things differently. I’m truly and deeply sorry that my website hydro-monster.net being online before your health and beauty blog was really hurt you, which I did not intend to do. I did not intend on opening the site to the public until after yours was opened. I again only opened it to see changes being made and content added, but it wasn’t at all opened to the public. I would have announced that it was. Anyways, hydro-monster is no more due to that bad taste in my mouth and the sour note that it ended our friendship.

    I would truly and love to have our friendship back because unlike the group of Georgie’s friends, you’re NOT like them. You’re different from them, and I wish we could be friends again. I miss talking to you and such. Please find it in your heart to forgive me and be friends again.


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