1. Pauline
    June 9, 2018 @ 6:20 am

    That song is super catchy! I think I’m hooked. The visuals are super appealing too 😊 Thanks for sharing this with us!!

    I think if I were in that position, I would let my brother make a decision and support him wherever I can with his decision. If he’s happy, then he’s happy. Even if I have feelings about the woman, I would communicate this to him of course but if he is in love then I will back off and let him live his decision. I’ll be here, either way, to support and love him ❤️

    Thank you for your congratulations! I can’t wait to get out into the real world now outside of academia. Time to make my mark I guess ✨


    • Adri
      June 10, 2018 @ 1:59 am

      Glad you liked the songs. I’ve written about MADKID for the past few entries now. “Summer Time” and “Forever Young” will be released on CD (yes, CDs LOL) in Japan and on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify next July, so I’m excited and looking forward for the new singles to come out! (plus they’re such nice guys too! 😊) Regarding the “Forever Young” song, I was kind of surprised after hearing the majority of the lyrics. Japan’s school system is from April to March (March is when the graduations from all academic levels occur), and yet the lyrics to “Forever Young” resonates so much with the fresh graduates (especially high school and college/university). When they do come online again livestream, I’ll let them know that much of the world will have graduation ceremonies in June and that their B-side was perfect as a “graduation” song of sorts. 😅

      Last night was my father’s birthday party. I was actually getting worried if my brother and my parents suddenly become strained from each other after what happened, but I was happy to see him here at the party, seems everything’s back to normal. We couldn’t exactly tell the guests (relatives) about what happened. And of course, the woman wasn’t invited. I didn’t bring anything up for the sake of our dad and the party, you know? Still, glad to see his presence and probably he and the parents just needed to take a break from that day. 😊

      Take your time when you begin your journey in to the “real world.” Take your time to explore. You may find something new and interesting and incorporate it with what you’ve learned and experienced in a way. Either way, you’ll eventually make your mark. 😊

      Shin, the black-haired cutie in MADKID, had the CG tattoo on the “Summer Time” music video the words “The future starts today, not tomorrow.” Those were his own words (in English), and mentioned them in one of his livestreams, explaining to Japanese fans (mostly high school students and college/uni students) what it means. I think those words are very fitting for all the grads today. 😅


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