The Ladybug and Her Black Cat

I admit that I don’t draw that often. My work schedule has changed again and all I do is sleep and try to finish my art assignments that’s really taking awhile. I haven’t made much progress with my current Diary Art course in Class 101 because of this hectic schedule. A lot of events happened with my family and my current fandom,1 up to the point that I found myself completely uninterested with what’s going on currently and then completely isolated from my (private) Twitter fandom account. I tried going back to my previous fandoms, such as (mobile) gaming with newer otome games such as Tears of Themis and a game that reminded me of Rune Factory called Elnea Kingdom. I was into them for about a month (the entirety of August actually), but eventually, I just lost steam and flatly lost interest.

Sometime last weekend during my usual babysitting duties with the nephew, we were randomly flipping through the TV (cable satellite) channels and stumbled upon the Disney Channel. And what we stumbled upon is a 3D-animated TV series that got my nephew excited because of the characters and me getting hooked because of the reminiscent storyline and very interesting concepts that reminded me of my past favorite (magical girl?) anime that I used to watch in the good ol’ days. The title? Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

And so, my simple diary art for this entry is dedicated to the two main characters of Miraculous: Marinette (Ladybug) and Adrien (Cat Noir). Since I’m not good at drawing characters yet, a simple ladybug and a black cat is on the art instead. The series is still ongoing and it’s now airing on the Disney Channel. But because I got hooked with the storyline, concepts, and everything else, I decided to find a way to binge-watch the previous episodes. I was happy to find all the previous episodes on Netflix and pretty much spent more than a week to binge-watch it.

Me and French Animation

Miraculous is the second animated series made in France (as in the series takes place in France) that I got hooked on. My first one? Code Lyoko, which used to be aired on Cartoon Network, and it aired sometime in the late 2000s to early 2010s. The concept and storyline aims towards more of a kids from ages 6+ (or maybe older), mainly boys, but I was interested in the concept of battling enemies within a completely different world: a cyber world within computers and electronics. I even remembered that I even built a fan site and a fan forum completely dedicated to Code Lyoko. Those were the days.

I loved a lot of shoujo manga that also has an adventure concept with a touch of fluff, cuteness, and relatable situations. Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Tokyo Mew Mew, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (maybe?) and a few others really made me happy as if I’m on a different world whenever I watch (or read (manga)) them. It was my major escape from real life and all other things and hobbies I’m interested in. I used to write a number of (some unfinished) fanfics of them, and I posted them on FanfictionNET before.

When I came across Miraculous last weekend, I found my serious escape. I was in total bliss just watching the first season, and for me, it just got better and better. And I love all the characters (for the most part anyway) and it’s also the first time that I’ve got the two main characters (Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Cat Noir) being on the same equal rank as my favorite characters of the series. Not only that, I love their BFFs (Alya/Rena Rouge->Rena Furtive and Nino/Carapace —> they’re couple goals IMO), their magical "sprites" known as kwami (Tikki and Plagg), their entire homeroom class (including the mean queen bee Chloe and her lackey Sabrina), and even the "celebrities" that we often see recurring through the series (news reporter Nadja "Don’t be bemused, it’s just the news!" Chamack, kids shows host Alec, rocker Jagged Stone, pop singer Clara Nightingale, and others), and the whole concept based on Chinese Mythology mixed with a major touch of that classic American comic book superheroes concept (like with Marvel and DC comic book superheroes).

Even though I’ve seen the previous episodes and trying to catch with the current Season 4, there’s still a lot of specials that I still have yet to watch. I didn’t know till recently that there were two Miraculous movies that take place outside Paris. The first movie takes place in Shanghai, and the second one takes place in New York City. There’s even a proposed new spinoff series called Miraculous Ladydragon, which focuses on the main hero of Shanghai, Ladydragon. There’s probably going to be a Miraculous Eagle episode too for us Americans, focusing on the newest superhero of NYC, Eagle. I haven’t seen the movies yet, but they’re available on the Disney+ subscription service. Luckily my sister, who’s a subscriber, lent me and mom the channel so we can watch. I’ll definitely going to watch them when I can find some time. They also have a web/Youtube short animated clips called Miraculous: Tales from Paris, which I’ve watched a few episodes of them.2

Lastly, another Miraculous movie will be coming out too called Miraculous: The Awakening, which I’ve read, is a musical. Man, talk about Miraculous already becoming a major franchise. Will it look like a new franchise like the Marvel movies and the DC movies too? Hmm…

Drowning in the Miraculous Swamp?

I’m currently sinking, but I don’t think I’ll join the masses who already got sunk into the swamp.3 Maybe it’ll be like those 10+ years ago when I’d write badly-written with a corny (AU) storyline and lots of fluff fanfiction and like-minded fans like me would comment their thoughts about the chapters. Those were the days.

But with more possibilities of taking a break and continuing on writing fanfiction in between breaks at work, etc., I don’t know how I’m going to be trapped under the swamp. It will also be a little difficult for me to write Miraculous fanfics when the series hasn’t ended yet. In fact, we don’t even know when the series is going to end. It’s kind of like the anime series One Piece and the Naruto franchise, where we haven’t met the ending just yet. Ooh boy.

I hope that there will be a time during the series where we finally get to meet Marinette’s and Adrien’s dreams with each other, along with a beautiful home, three kids named Louis, Emma, and Hugo, and an unnamed hamster.4

I think I’ll write more about Miraculous on my art/stories blog, since I haven’t blogged in there for ages. And then maybe I can fangirl about the series in peace without the worries of "limits," unlike in Asian Pop fandom nowadays, like what the eff, right?

If I were a superhero…

When I start learning how to draw actual original characters, maybe I’ll draw a superhero version of myself. But that’ll be on another day. 😀

On the sidenote . . .

  1. J-Pop (boy groups)
  2. They’re mainly for the younger audience (under 10 maybe) because each episode teaches some moral lessons and positive wisdom for kids as they grow older.
  3. The masses = fandom
  4. Marinette’s dream with Adrien mentioned in the series: "A beautiful home, three kids named Louis, Emma, and Hugo (in that order), and a hamster." Adrien’s dream with Ladybug: "A deserted island, they’ll only eat fruit, and a hamster." That darned hamster — the hamster is the key for these two to finally realize their feelings for each other, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after… with the hamster