1. Lara (aka Lola)
    August 26, 2009 @ 3:24 am

    ‘Sup Eri? ^_^ It’s interesting that I would be reminded of the good ol’ days of amnos and iro-ase on LJ, and then come here and read a post about how people drift away with real life things after that kyaah-kyaaing thing has died away… Coincidence? I think… probably yes. :) I’m glad to hear that you’re thinking of re-opening amnos. That sure was a good place to visit, back in the day. Not sure if I can help much though, I don’t really follow the boys much anymore…. ^^;; What have you been up to? I can’t even remember the last time we talked! =X Aah, it’s been too long…. Stupid life. :/


    • Adrimarie
      August 26, 2009 @ 5:21 pm

      L~Hun! :D Nice to hear from you again! I actually was thinking about you and a few people lately (no, it’s not because of this “limitations” entry :P).

      Yeah, I have been awhile… like… over a year awhile LOL :D. It’s their 10th Year Anniversary on the 15th/16th and the reason why I felt the need to reopen amnosNET was because the domain itself is going to expire (for good) in September too, and it’d be really sad if I let it go right after the 10th-yr anniversary date, you know?

      I’ve gotten some ideas in terms of content, but I think there will be some “subdomain” sites within amnosNET that would lean more towards general J-idols-related (so non-JE idols and even female idols would be somewhat included), but I still have yet to finalize some stuff after I go through a couple of site testing and script testing and all of that. ^^

      I’ll add you to my (new) LJ (adriatastic.livejournal.com) in a moment. Wow, so you’re all the way in Ibaraki now, huh. That’s so ironic because my friend (well, my sister’s friend/classmate in college/university) is over there now to visit his family (I don’t even know his town name, but it’s close to Tsukuba, my sis told me LOL), plus I’m writing an original fiction (characters sorta based on J-idols but yeah… just characters LOL XD) that also takes place in Ibaraki. I’ve been pondering of taking a job as an English teacher while I’ve been unemployed for almost 6 months (yeah, economy, got laid off, etc.). Currently I’m taking a part-time job now @ Levi’s corporate headquarters (yup…. the denim jeans LOL).

      It’s so darn good to hear from you again Lara. Hope to hear more from you. ^_^


      • Lara (aka Lola)
        August 28, 2009 @ 3:18 pm

        O___O;; You’ve actually HEARD of Ibaraki???? That’s new, most people are like “wtf? where is that in relation to Tokyo?” and then they still don’t get it. :P Hmm… somewhere close to Tsukuba? Probably Tsuchiura… that’s about the only place close to Tsukuba. haha I’ll have to read that fiction of yours too… ’cause it’s probably one of the only things out there (at least in English) that is based in Ibaraki! haha

        Anyway, that’s cool that you’re going to keep it open. I’d like to help, but I’m not sure what I can do. I don’t really have much info on anybody and I haven’t written pages for a site in so long, I probably couldn’t even change a background colour right now! hahaha Aaah…. well, actually, I could probably do something for w-inds. if you decide to have a section on them. I’ve gone to 4 of their concerts this year (and probably more in September… I’m such a geek. x_X;), so I should be able to come up with something. :P

        As for being an English teacher…. it’s alright, but you really need to research what company you want to join. I fully, 1000% do not recommend Amity. :P There’s too much work and too much company bull to deal with. Plus I have to wear a suit everyday… to play with kids…. even in the summer too… it’s awful. :/ I’d go with some place like Peppy Kids Club, their schedules are more reasonable, as is the company in general, and there’s not a lot of extra crap to deal with. Either that, or a smaller more localized company…. as long as they can sponsor your visa. :)

        Wow… this turned out pretty long. xD; I should stop now…. also because I need to have a shower before I do that stupid work thing. :P


        • Adrimarie
          August 28, 2009 @ 9:47 pm

          Not that long. I always love long comments. :P

          Well, one thing I know about Ibaraki is that natto (argh… -_-;; ) is a major staple product over there… and the nice beaches… and that giant Buddha statue (Ushiku Daibutsu or something?) considered world’s tallest statue in the world in the Guiness Book of Records… and the nice beaches… and Mt. Tsukuba and Tsukuba Science City… and… oh, nice beaches. ROFL :P jk! From what my friend described me of his hometown, Ibaraki sounds very environmentally-friendly (if you know what I mean). As far as the name of the town (or city or whatever LOL), he mentioned that it’s a coastal town (meaning it’s somewhere along the coast) and that the closest “major urban city” to their town is Tsukuba, so kind of like suburb or something? I don’t know… :?

          How long do you plan on teaching in English there? I haven’t really looked in to the companies there but I do hope that I do have a chance to teach English before I turn like… 35 or something LOL. (I heard there’s an age limit there too? Or does this depend on the company I sign up for?) I think I’d like to teach in Ibaraki too ‘cuz of the scenery and it’s like… open land and not very bustling compared to say… Tokyo. LOL XD (come to think of it, Tokyo is getting more overrated now LOL) I’d like to visit Hokkaido too… and the Kansai area… and Okinawa too… ^^;

          You’ve been to w-inds. concerts? Awesome! :D I’ve lost touch w/ w-inds. myself too but I’m very sure they’ve got different styles now compared to what they were back then. I loved that group… I need to “keep in touch” with them again LOL. As far as AMNOS.net, we’re probably just going to lay low on the content. Since practically everyone knows where to get their stuff (downloads, streamlined sites, LJ communities, etc. etc.), I’d like to reopen it with something fresh and new instead of “recycled goods,” you know? ^^; First I need to figure out how the layout’s going to look like (it’s going to be a blog-style layout since I’m using wordpress… I’ve gotten super-lazy with web design as of late XD).

          The fic is here – Freedom Sky Mysteries – of course, it’s set in a fictional town in coastal Ibaraki, since I’m having the friend helping me out with the culture and scenery of Ibaraki and all that. And yeah… ch. 1 is up and ready for download (or read— comes with doc and pdf formats LOL XD). I’m currently writing ch. 2.


  2. Yuna
    August 30, 2009 @ 11:24 pm

    OOooh fellow Iroers from the days XD;;; Nice to see people reuniting :D


    • Adrimarie
      September 1, 2009 @ 10:42 am

      Haha… well, just a few of us. Majority moved on with their lives or just doesn’t want to deal with me or the others anymore. :(


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