1. Mikari
    July 6, 2018 @ 2:37 pm

    I was stuck going to work on the afternoon/evening of July 4 but at least I had a fun lunch and it was delicious :D
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    • Adri
      July 7, 2018 @ 10:54 pm

      The funny thing is, work ended early for us too, so July 4th at work wasn’t so bad haha. How have you been? Haven’t talked to you in awhile. We need to catch up. 😁
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  2. Kassy
    July 8, 2018 @ 10:34 pm

    The political climate at the moment is intense. Sometimes I still can’t believe that a number of people are elected as leaders and the things that have become ‘acceptable’ for them to do. It just makes no sense to me. Is this a nightmare??

    I am glad to hear that things have improved with your family. It would be a hard situation and hopefully, you will have a chance to talk.

    That was a great deal on the iPad. It is annoying that you can’t get Google Play on a Kindle. You would think with the popularity of it and the fact it’s Android it would be a natural choice. :/

    Moodnotes sounds so awesome. I will have to have a look at it, because I think it could be helpful and I have been looking for something similar to that. :D

    I think all of the URLs could be great. :D Some of the prices for ‘premium’ ones is lame. :( It was great when you could just register whatever if you were the first one to do it.


    • Adri
      July 9, 2018 @ 2:48 pm

      Hi Kassy!

      I still think there’s something fishy that went on during the elections two years ago. I live in California, which is one of the most “hated” states by today’s U.S. government right now. The California government and the so-called “federal government” (I can even barely call them a “government” to be honest) have been having a silent “civil war” against each other. I’m no longer surprised with all the shenanigans and the embarrassments these people do that’d make the U.S. look so bad in front of the world right now.

      Regarding family, I guess we just don’t bother with going backward and make a big deal of what’s happened in the past. What’s happened then already happened. The only direction we can only go as a family is forward.

      The thing with Amazon (and I work for them, even though I work at one of their warehouses) is that they also like to keep things as “proprietary” as possible (like how Apple is doing with their MacOS/iOS as well as Microsoft with Windows). Actually, any Android app would work on a Kindle, however, Amazon App store likes to limit the number of apps that they have available, and because of this, the Kindle OS is also “locked” to prevent Google Play app in getting installed, and thus you have to download your apps from Amazon App store.

      However, the disadavantage of installing .apk files (stand-alone Android apps that can be downloaded anywhere besides Google Play or Amazon App) is that some of them require Google Play for the ability to purchase items, for example, so they can’t even be installed.

      I heard of Moodnotes from Pauline, since she’s all about physical and mental maintenance apps. Even though I don’t dedicate myself to it, it really is a wonderful app. :D

      I actually decided to drop the URL change idea LOL. It’s mainly because two MADKID members (on live stream) and some Japanese MADKID fans preferred the original site name that I have and the URL looks a lot cooler (yes, they all know about the site haha!), easier to remember, plus “axcel” has a cooler stylized spelling too, so I decided to keep the site name and the URL. Sometimes it’s a lot better to hear straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, than to try and get yourself in sync with something that you thought is the “professional” stylization. ^^
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