1. Kya
    January 22, 2016 @ 9:08 pm

    That is so annoying that your laptop won’t connect to GitHub, hopefully it can be fixed soon. Maybe it has some kind of security setting where it’s being blocked?

    Errors in sites is no fun at all. :(

    It sounds like your friends IP address is probably being blocked from the server or cPanel, it can happen sometimes for a number of reasons and can be very annoying. :(

    I hope you are able to find a host for the support hub. It’s a good idea to have it on a different server if you can afford it. :D I don’t think they would have any issue if they are getting paid for the space haha.

    Sorry to hear that you had to cancel some of the classes. Hopefully you will be able to join in again at some point, and you do have the Udemy.

    I hope you enjoy Gone Girl and haven’t been spoiled with it, especially if you have not seen the movie. :D



    • Adri
      January 23, 2016 @ 2:17 pm

      Hi Kya! My mom actually saw the movie (we even have it on Blu-Ray), but I wanted to read the book first. I already read Gillian Flynn’s first two books from years ago (Dark Places and Sharp Objects), so I’m catching up with her work lately. I still haven’t started with the Divergent series, after waiting some 3-4 years till my mom and sisters were finished with the entire trilogy. (I haven’t seen the movies either)

      Regarding the GitHub issue, in a way, is my fault LOL. I don’t know why but I always had the impression that you can create the repo from your command line/Git Bash rather than you going to GitHub.com and then create the repo there. I have a desktop version of GitHub, but I haven’t figured out how to use it yet, mainly because the Git classes that I took before taught me how to do it on the command line and not quite the desktop version of GitHub.

      Regarding the errors on my sites, they’re not even on the remote server yet, but they’re on my computer using AMPPS as its server. But anyway, I finally got Softaculous support to help me out with the AMPPS problem, fixing the upgrades and all, but then I had to redo all the installs again. Not much of a problem though because I only had dummy content in them, but I got the (WordPress) themes/child themes being worked on in there and I can just load them.

      My friend though mentioned that she got a new router at her house, so that was probably the reason why she couldn’t access anymore, but the server support did put her IP in their whitelist. Everything’s good for her now.

      I have Udemy, a (discounted) lifetime subscription to SitePoint Premium, and a one-year subscription to Code School (though I may end up not renewing once the year is up). I just wish that their system is as interactive as Treehouse, but I think I will be prioritizing Udemy first. Udemy’s certificates actually count on your LinkedIn profile. Other than that, still, all is good.

      The support hub hosting issue, Little Dancer actually has two servers (from two different VPS hosting services), and even though it’s a better idea to install the support hub on the more “stable” server, it’s probably a lot safer to host it at another server that’s not either one of the two. We’d have to play around with the CNAME bit with the domain so we can have that location on a subdomain instead of buying a whole different domain. We don’t mind paying for it, no problem, it’s just one site (which would probably require a good bandwidth size). ^^

      Will see you later girl! https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/01.gif


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