1. Liz
    March 2, 2015 @ 5:03 pm

    Wow! I didn’t know Automattic hired people all the time, or if they hired at all! I find this pretty cool… I should brush back up on my WordPress dev skills, because we’re on version 4, and the last time I coded anything for WordPress myself specifically, we were on version 2. :x

    Good luck to you! :D


    • Adri
      March 2, 2015 @ 7:54 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Liz! https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/01.gif

      I actually struggled a lot with WordPress customization before when I started using WordPress (I think it was ver. 2 even). Before my migration to WordPress, I started off with Blogger (before Google purchased it), Greymatter (when I learned that you can install an actual blogging system in the server— stopped when the developer quit on the program), then Movable Type (it used to be free/open source, but then they started charging people just to use it, charge even more if you want support). I’m a huge supporter of open source, so I moved to WordPress. Finally learning how to make child themes finally saved my life. I was actually thinking of switching systems again (probably Expression Engine or even those newer ones like Ghost https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/27.gif), but nope, not this time.

      Once I’m done with the blueprint program I can start volunteering before I can make my move in applying for a remote job position at Automattic. You should consider it also. Working at home + basic benefits + other perks… https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/01.gif


  2. Keeshia
    March 3, 2015 @ 2:49 am

    Happy to see this post! I’m about to start this blueprint myself after reading your post about starting it https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/01.gif I figured it’s a better use of my time and money than the classes I’ve been taking at school so I’m giving it a go! Thanks for bringing it to my attention


    • Adri
      March 4, 2015 @ 1:26 am

      Wow, congrats on embarking your WordPress journey through the blueprint Keeshia. I salute thee~! https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/32.gif

      Trust me, the money is very well worth it. The ladies (yes, ladies LOL) at Skillcrush are so awesome breaking down the fundamentals in to something we can easily understand. Best part of the blueprint is that it also teaches you the best practices of WordPress in a business/client setting, and much later (in my case, this will be in April) a one-on-one apprenticeship with the instructor (who’s also the CEO of Skillcrush too) and actually working with a real client. https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/01.gif

      I have a BFA in Visual Communications, emphasizing on graphic and web design, but unfortunately, around the time I graduated, everything I learned from college was already considered outdated by the modern industry standards, so I’m stuck in to finding ways to get myself updated again and I’m not gonna shell out thousands of dollars just for that again. I take some courses at Udemy also, and sometimes at Codeacademy, but it’s hard to retain everything that you learned because you don’t know when you’ll put them in to real-life practice. https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/19.gif

      Good luck with your journey, and if you need any help you can always contact me. https://adriculous.life/img/adri_smilies/01.gif


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